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We hold an initial meeting or conference call to discuss your business in general, your particular needs, and your expectations regarding the project that you have in mind. This first meeting is more of a dialogue aimed for us to gain a reasonable understanding of your business and the project in particular, so it is very likely that we will ask questions about both. We take all of our clients’ confidential information very seriously and treat it as if it were our own proprietary information. Notwithstanding, if you so prefer we can sign a non-disclosure agreement prior to that meeting in order to protect any proprietary information you may decide to share with us during that first meeting. 

We will give you our initial thoughts and impressions regarding the potential project during our first acquaintance. We may ask for additional information in order to get to know the project and/or your company a little better. This can be done interactively during the meeting and/or through follow-up e-mails.


Once we have sufficient information to put together a bid for the project in hand, we will prepare for your review an initial proposal with our scope of work, our fee schedule and our standard form mandate. You will have an opportunity to review all of these items and we can follow-up with conference call, meeting or e-mail exchange to address any observations or comments you may have.

After we all are in agreement on the work and fees, a mandate would be signed to formalize our mutual commitments related to the project. 

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