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SMEs and family-owned businesses sometimes require complex financial analyses developed by an independent third party or that is not necessarily within the time or capabilities of their internal teams. Based on our experience as an independent financial consultant, we have the ability to develop sophisticated studies utilizing the information that you and your team have available. We work together with you and your team to develop financial solutions or prepare valuation reports for your own internal evaluation, to be shared with your board of directors or to be discussed in shareholder meetings for high-level decision making.

Business Meeting

Examples of the work we can do include:

  • Prepare an indicative valuation of your company or a portion thereof

  • Evaluate your capital structure and recommend financial strategies aimed for growth or to capitalize on your company’s success

  • In relation to a potential merger or acquisition transaction, issue a fairness opinion to your board of directors in preparation for a vote

  • Prepare a division of your company for a sale through a private auction

  • Develop a detailed financial projections model to predict the financial statements, needs of capital or dividend payout based on different operating scenarios

  • Assist with capital or debt raising processes as independent advisor. We can help from private equity and local bank financing to connecting you with bulge bracket investment banks for a capital markets transaction

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