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We are a Texas LLC registered to conduct our business activities in the State of Texas.  We are not an investment adviser nor a broker-dealer.  Our advisory activities do not require registration with the SEC as we do not transact in regulated securities on behalf of our clients.


Victor Gonzalez, a native San Antonian, is an Electronic Systems Engineer and holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management with honors in Finance, Economics and Statistics.  During his time at Yale University, he worked closely with Dr. Roger Ibbotson, founder of Ibbotson Associates, a firm dedicated to developing financial portfolio management models based on information from the world’s stock markets. As part of his work with Dr. Ibbotson, Victor developed enterprise valuation theories, including models that showed the updated risk-return relationship as well the relative leverage for companies depending on their business sectors.

In 1993 Mr. Gonzalez joined The First Boston Corporation in New York City, a global investment banking firm later acquired by the Credit Suisse Group. During his career at First Boston / Credit Suisse he worked in the Latin America Group, the Global Corporate Finance Group, and the Energy and Project Finance Group, working on projects including the IPO of a Peruvian electricity distributor, issuing a $300 million convertible bond for a technology company, executing a $1.2 billion bond issuance for Exelon Corp., the world’s largest private nuclear energy generator at the time, doing bond issuances for Woodside Corp., an Australian integrated oil company, and the divestiture of stakes in nine gas distribution companies in Brazil.


At the end of 2001 Mr. Gonzalez joined Ixe Grupo Financiero, a Mexican merchant bank where he formed the M&A practice of the firm.  During his time at Ixe, he advised global and local corporations in a variety of transactions, including U.S. GMAC’s acquisition of local mortgage company Crédito Inmobiliario, Holland's Oceanteam’s merger with DeepOcean Group of Sweden, the acquisition of a Mexican airline by a group of investors and a real estate transaction between Mexican retailers Grupo Gigante and Soriana worth over $1.6 billion.  In 2006, Mr. Gonzalez merged Ixe’s M&A and Corporate Finance areas and started developing the structured finance practice of the bank until his departure in 2009.


After deciding to become independent, Mr. Gonzalez founded i-Structure, a leading investment banking boutique focused on select M&A activities and structured finance with an emphasis on Mexican securities markets. i-Structure is now the leading independent financial adviser on private sector securitizations in the Mexico securities exchanges and an important participant in M&A activity, having advised clients in the real estate, consumer products, infrastructure and non-bank financial markets.


Victor Gonzalez

Founding Partner & CEO

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